About Rosy Anette Aponte


Rosy Anette Aponte was born in a small town in Puerto Rico named Adjuntas. Her grandfather was a self-made farmer. Her mother, the oldest of 8 children, moved to Miami as a single mother when Rosy was 3 years old. She raised her only daughter in a Little Havana neighborhood across the street from Jose Marti Park. 

Aponte grew up there and attended public schools all through high school and in the end, she went on to graduate from Miami Senior High. She landed her first job at age 13. It was her desire to work to pay for her necessities. She saw it as her way of contributing and helping with the household expenses which were a daily struggle to keep up with. That is where her love for hard work and ambition to become something greater entered her life. She has never stopped working hard and getting the proper education towards the goals she had set for herself. With dedication, commitment and perseverance, Aponte graduated from Miami-Dade Community College with an AA. Followed by graduating from Barry University with a Bachelor in Science on Elementary Teaching. All this while working full time as an executive assistant at a prestigious CPA firm. 

Before becoming an attorney, she was also an Elementary School teacher for the public-school system for over 7 years. She attended Whittier Law School in the evening, for 4 of those 7 years. She has now practiced law as an attorney for 9 years and actively engages in pro bono work in the community. 

Since she first became an attorney, she began her career prosecuting Civil Rights and Discrimination cases against employers for race, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation and religion. When the foreclosure crisis hit Miami, she was in the front line helping the local Hispanic and African American community save their homes and fight all the wrongful foreclosures led by the banks/lenders. She is currently a sole practitioner and has owned and managed R. Aponte & Associates, PLLC., a law firm in Doral, Florida, since 2009. Rosy Aponte wants to be judge because she knows the struggle of the people in her community to get equal footing in a courtroom when they do not have the proper resources. She wants to help rid Miami-Dade Civil Courtrooms from courtroom bullying and unfair footing. As a result, she now needs your support to get her elected. 

She is an advocate for the people and for justice and will make sure she runs a discrimination free courtroom.